How to give priority to the wireless microphone sound effect?

2019-04-10 13:39

In performances, large-scale gatherings or programs, I often find that many users feel very sorry for the incorrect posture and improper use habits of wireless microphones. Because of the wrong use, it can not only exert the superiority of the original factory for a valuable microphone. Characteristics, and buried the original sound quality, the result is worse than using a cheap microphone.

Many sound controllers are only picky about the sound quality of the microphone itself, thinking that as long as you have a valuable microphone or those who are satisfied with your own audition, you can get satisfactory sound effects, but they don't know how to guide users how to use the microphone correctly* Sound quality. In fact, the microphone is only part of the sound effect of the entire audio system. If the user does not know enough about the collocation, adjustment and operation of the microphone and other audio equipment, even with a world-class microphone, it is difficult to show satisfactory sound effects! Just like a driver If you don’t understand the characteristics of the car and how to operate it, even if you drive a luxury sports car, you can’t fully utilize the power of the sports car.